Dec 13 2023


6:00 pm - 7:15 pm

Environmental Weed Coalition online e-meetings – action group

Hi all

Thanks to all who participated in or gave their apologies for the e-meeting on 11 August.

Overall it was a positive meeting with some clear action items for the coming months.

Many thanks to 

  • Hilary who has already some resources for the shared folder EWC (Auckland) 
  • Claire who has written to EDS seeking assistance in trying to make the BioSecurity Act more workable – so that Council can extend the buffer zone provisions of the RPMP. 

Please check out the draft Minutes for the Environmental Weed Coalition e-meet – 6pm Wednesday 11 August 2021
and add your comments.

Please put your hand up to tell us how you'd like to help with any of the proposed projects, especially

  • Coordinated campaign to tackle moth plant before pods form
  • RPMP & Buffer zone research and advocacy
  • Biosecurity Act advocacy to enable more effective environmental weed control – eg for absentee landlords
  • Communications and public education 

Regards and thanks, Annette and Keith 


  1. is there anyone who'd be happy to help to create an improved Facebook page: to complement the amazing STAMP page?
  2. it's clear that the Google Group Environmental Weed Coalition of Auckland <[email protected]> isnt working for most people; EcoNet is developing the CAMS software; maybe next year, we can use CAMS to provide a more effective forum – in the meantime please join to share ideas
  3. if you can think of other groups or people who may wish to contribute to achieving effective improvements for environmental weed control – please ask them to join us on Facebook.
  4. this e-meeting has been scheduled to run on the second Wednesday of each month to try to keep things moving along