Hahn Reserve History

Living Whenuapai were visited by Elain Hahn at a July working bee. The reserve is named after Elain’s late husband Malcolm Hahn. Malcolm is considered Whenuapai’s first conservationist.  He fought hard and very successfully to safegauard the quality of the water in the Upper Waitemata.  He stopped the North Shore Council putting sewerage overflow into the Upper Harbour.  It was a special visit. Elain will be 90 this year….

Mrs Hahn says her husband spent a lot of time tidying up the park. “There were a lot of pine trees here that ruined the court. He started felling them and the timber was milled for Habitat for Humanity. The rest of the timber was given to the community for firewood.”

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Do you often go for walks, or work/volunteer in parks and reserves?

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We are looking for volunteers who can already identify some native plants and trees and like to go outdoors in Upper Harbour and surrounding areas and would be keen to help us collects seeds for our backyard nurseries. The seeds will be germinated in local native plant nurseries and once the plants are ready they will be planted in our local reserves and parks, increasing habitat and food for Aotearoa native species.

In exchange for your time and your help collecting ecosourced seeds, we will give you a training in ecosourcing (and all the related matters) in collaboration with Charmaine from Uru Whakaaro.

There is a limit of 20 spots available for this workshop so be quick feeling an Expression of Interest

Get in touch if you would like to receive more information or be a part of this exciting project!