Pest trapping program starts roll out at Sanders Reserve, Paremoremo

We are excited to report that the first 25 pest traps have been successfully installed at Sanders Reserve, Paremoremo, with funding and support from Auckland Council and the Upper Harbour Local Board. This is an important milestone in our effort to protect the native plants and birds in the area, and to promote ecological diversity across the reserve.

Thanks to further funding from the local board, we will be expanding our trapping efforts to reach our goal of 65% coverage of the reserve by July. This is a significant undertaking, but with the support from the local board and local community group Sustainable Paremoremo, we will achieve it. Our ultimate goal is to create a pest-free environment across the nearly 300 acres of reserve, where native plants and birds can thrive.

The placement of these traps is especially important to local community and business groups, as it will provide protection for all the native planting they have completed over the years. Additionally, it will allow bird populations to increase across the reserve, which is an exciting prospect for all wildlife enthusiasts.

With easy access to the reserve, the trapping program will also serve as a fantastic training ground for new volunteer trappers. With the expansion of our trapping efforts, we will need more volunteers who are passionate about environmental protection to help us maintain and monitor the traps.  We encourage community members who are interested in becoming trappers to get involved in this initiative. Our team will provide training on the correct use of traps and monitoring techniques, making it a rewarding experience for all involved.

We are thrilled about the progress we have made so far and the potential this project has to benefit our community and the environment. We invite all members of the community to join us in this effort, and we look forward to working together towards a pest-free reserve.