Centorian Reserve (Albany)

Centorian Reserve (Albany)

The Centorian Reserve Group was born in May 2021.

The first areas of focus and interest for Centorian Reserve is riparian planting and site restoration for the wellbeing of their native manu as well as carbon sequestration. Centorian Reserve Group is also involved in regular water monitoring. Up to now the water monitoring has been done in collaboration with Whitebait Connection.

The group is young but mighty with already 600 native plants in the ground.

Year 1 (2021)

– weeding, removing the blockages in the stream and regularly monitoring the water quality of the stream with the help of Whitebait Connection.

– riparian native planting of one bank of the stream (25/07)

In 2022 the group plans to continue regular water monitoring as well as undertake further restoration planting.

If you are located in Albany and would like to join the Centorian Reserve group or get in touch with them, use the contact form and we will put you in contact with Janet, the group coordinator.