Pest Free Coatesville

Pest Free Coatesville

Vision and mission

The aim of Pest Free Coatesville (PFC) is to restore the natural environment of Coatesville, so bird life including bellbird, kākā, kererū, tomtit, tūī and even the North Island brown kiwi can flourish. Achieving this vision means eradicating pests, removing problem plants and planting native species to support regeneration and improve water quality in our river.

PFC is a community led initiative, that has the support of the Auckland Council and Department of Conservation. It aligns with the national Predator Free 2050 campaign.
There are currently over 200 Coatesville residents engaged with this initiative.

How can you help?

Our initial focus is the removal of rats, stoats and possums so that our native wildlife can flourish. We are asking your household to help in the following ways:
1) Set up your own possum, stoat and rat traps/bait stations
2) Upload your traps/bait stations to Trap NZ (trapping app/website) and record your catches
3) Be included on the PFC email list and follow us on Facebook
4) If you aren’t trapping or baiting, allow access to PFC volunteers so they can set and manage traps on your land. We can provide you with further information on how we intend to do this.

Uploading traps into Trap NZ

Please use the guidelines in the ‘How to upload into Trap NZ’ document on our Facebook page. It is critical accurate information is loaded, so if you have any queries or you would prefer your street coordinator to do this on your behalf, please just let us know.
We will be able to see which households are involved and how many pests they are trapping!

Which traps are best?

We are currently using a pulsing method whereby you alternate with a round of baiting followed by a round of trapping. Traps used for this are the Philproof bait station and the Timms traps, along with the DOC200 that is specific to stoats and ferrets. The traps are relatively easy to set and monitor. For more difficult to access terrain, the Good Nature A24 is very effective and able to automatically reset as they are gas charged. The AT220 is a new age trap that is battery charged and can reset up to 100 times with an automatic lure dispenser. Less expensive traps include the Victor rat trap in a tunnel
and the Trapinator.

How are we going to achieve a Pest Free Coatesville?

In March 2020 a public meeting gathered 51 volunteers at the Coatesville Hall. Since then a five-year strategic plan has been developed with the support of Auckland Council.
Coatesville has been divided into four hubs (North, South, East and West) and, using a street plan, the four hub Coordinators gather neighbourhood groups into a line through their own backyard trapping.

The first phase of the plan requires us to identify all traps and bait stations being used privately in Coatesville, uploading them into Trap NZ. We will then be able to establish what trap and bait support is required to ensure we are successful. We are currently applying for grants from both the public and private sector to help make this a reality.
We are working in partnership with Auckland Council to undertake a trapping programme in the newly established Green Park Reserve. We are also collaborating with DOC to trap in and around its reserves in Coatesville.

Pest Plant Control

Coatesville Garden Club President Owen Sprosen has taken on the role of PFC Flora Coordinator and is available to advise on getting rid of invasive weeds and the appropriate revegetation process.


Who can you contact if you have further questions or need help?
In the first instance, please contact your street coordinator. If you are not yet connected to a Coordinator please email Gary ([email protected]) and he will help become acquainted with the correct person.