Sustainable Paremoremo

Sustainable Paremoremo

Who we are/meet our team:


“The Pare-dise Project is Sustainable Paremoremo’s vision to promote and encourage revegetation of native species on private land in the Paremoremo Valley and Lucas Creek escarpment as part of the NorthWest Wildlink.

The NorthWest Wildlink (from Tiritiri Matangi to Waitakere Ranges) aims to encourage biodiversity of birds and wildlife, providing a food chain across this great piece of land! The Hauraki Gulf Islands and Waitakere Ranges sanctuaries provide safe breeding grounds for native birds and other at risk species such as tuatara, weta punga and a large range of lizards. Because of these safe havens, we are starting to see the return of more native birds to the mainland. We have a fantastic opportunity to encourage more native animals back to the suburbs, because the North-West already has great habitat ‘stepping stones, and it’s only 50km between Tiritiri Matangi and Ark in the Park. Thousands of local people are already helping support wildlife in the North-West – there are more than 130 community and volunteer groups doing pest control and restoration, helping to provide safe passage for native birds across the land.

Sustainable Paremoremo aims to improve water quality in our streams, estuaries and riparian water ways, and increase the native wildlife throughout the district as part of the wildlink. They currently have over 100 landowners involved in the Pare-dise Project which also includes subsidising rat and possum traps.”


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